Scorpion 3D

First version of Scorpion3D Application is released! It is now available at Apple AppStore!

Turn around it and enjoy all beautiful details this creature is made from. Change coating of your scorpion across variety of options.

If you tap your scorpion’s claws and sting that would make him angry. Do this at your own risk… Shake your phone to recover it. Add more juice by equipping your scorpion with different accessories.



  1. CrazyDummy says:

    Great idea and nice app!! it’s the first scorpion on itunes and to start is beautiful.
    I hope for some improvement, addition of the other action.
    Congratulation awaite upadate and one advice, put app in entertainment app and you can do more succes!!
    Now i vote your app !!5 stars in italian appstore!!

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